The Ayshel Avraham Institute -- EMES

Ayshel Avraham - Rabbi Yaakov Spivak, Dean, Rosh Kollel
The Ayshel Avraham Scholars' Kollel prepares its students for leadership positions in the Jewish community. Rabbis ordained by Ayshel Avraham serve as yeshiva deans, communal rabbis and military chaplains around the world. The majority of students are on full scholarship and are subsidized in various ways. To help Ayshel Avraham with your donation call: (845) 352-1010


EMES - Rabbi Yaakov Spivak, Executive Director
EMES is known worldwide for its successful efforts in combating missionary activity aimed at converting Jews. It supplies educational material, speakers and counseling to Jewish communities in all parts of the globe. To help EMES with your donation call (845) 352-1010

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