Kosher Certification

United Kosher Supervision

P.0. Box 317
Monsey, New York 10952

Rabbinic Administrator: Rabbi Yaakov Spivak

United Kosher Supervision supplies information to kosher consumers worldwide based on its experience of certifying products for more than a quarter century. The UKS symbol is a familiar sight to kosher shoppers who have long seen it, among other places, on bakery products of some of the nation's largest supermarket chains.

Some of the services offered by UKS:

* Kosher certification for food products, restaurants and caterers - Interested parties should call (845) 352-1010

* Education Program: UKS provides speakers for synagogues, educational institutions and consumer groups. Call (845) 352-1010

* Kosher Consumer e-mail Hotline: UKS answers kashruth questions. The e-mail address is:

* Publications: Available by US mail, fax or e-mail

The Pathfinder: Issues in Halacha - Jewish Law. Also, personal stories of those who teach Torah and those who have discovered the beauty of Jewish tradition.

The Kosher News: Happenings and goings-on in the kosher industry.

Both publications are, at this stage, offered free. Because of the great demand, however, UKS may eventually have to pass on costs to subscibers.

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